Amazing Ways to Use Dried Flowers Bouquets


It happens to everyone and it may happen to you as well that at times you do not feel like throwing away dried flower bouquets. In other words, if you have bouquets filled with dried flowers at home there are certain ways using which you can re-use these dried flowers. So, the next time somebody sends sympathy flowers to you or a bouquet for any other occasion you can use the flowers contained in it even after they are dried and wilted.

Amazing tips to Use Dried Flowers

  • Frame Them To Make a Show Piece

If you like the look of dried flowers, you can consider placing these flowers in a picture frame or in a shadow box and displaying them at your rooms. However, framed pressed flowers are an excellent choice for home decor and if you are good at craft skills, you can frame them. You can consider hanging it over the wall or at the desk. This is a showpiece that people love to admire. So, give wings to your creativity and form a beautiful showpiece.

This is one of the great options if you want to preserve your wedding bouquets, meaningful floral gifts, and boutonnieres.

  • Candles Can be Made

Candles can beautify any home decor and can add a dash of coziness so you can make your own candles with a twist. Moreover, these candles would not add any scent but you need fragrance oils for that. This will result in beautiful homemade candles. Learn how to make candles from the wasted flowers online.

  • Creative Wall Art

You can unfold your artistic side and can create some distinct wall art with the help of wrinkled flowers to boost your home décor. You can arrange these beautiful flowers into beautiful landscapes or pictures for creating a beautiful collage. There are endless possibilities and you can use your creative side to make the entire work look immensely beautiful.

  • Certain Flowers Are Edible

Do you know that there are certain dried flowers which use as food and for teas? You can use these dried flowers in the cakes and in the desserts. Rose, hibiscus, Roselle, basil, and Moringa flowers are some of the top edible flowers that are used for preparing soups, tea, and powders.

In addition, Peonies are used for topping salads, flavoring drinks, and jams, etc. If you need to send sympathy flowers to your dear ones and they are wilted ask them to use as jam or jellies.

  • Make Potpourri

You can combine the collection of textures and colors of the beautiful wilted flowers to make potpourri. As a result, you can make this scent longer-lasting by including certain types of fixative which can be orris root or can enhance their fragrance by using essential oils. Moreover, this is a very delightful way of preserving the fragrance of your garden. You can make use of dried flower petals, spices, herbs, natural fixatives, and essential oils for getting the best aroma.

  • Decorate Your Scrapbooks

Dried flowers can be great decorative items. Also, there are tweezers that can be used for arranging the flowers. Dried and wilted flowers are a great way of decorating scrapbook pages.

  • Dyes for Clothes and Easter Eggs

There are some dried flowers that can be used as excellent dyes for Easter eggs and for clothes. A number of flowers like hibiscus flowers can be used for reddish blue, lavender results. However, you can make use of mordant or alum or cream of Tartar so that the color can stay on the clothes and eggs.

  • Body Care and Bathing Products

Dried and wilted flowers are best herbal baths. You can add these wilted flowers directly to your bath water and can prepare a wonderful herbal infusion. Moreover, these flowers are used in lotions, toners, masks, steams, herbal hair rinses and hair sprays, etc.


In conclusion, if the flowers of your flower bouquets are wilting or have dried. You can use them in a number of different ways. So the next time when you send flower or flowers for any other occasion to your loved ones ask them not to throw the wilted bouquet in the dustbin as these flowers can be used in many amazing and useful ways. You can also eat them as certain flowers are very nutritious.



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